Q: I would like to join the celebration, but I don't have a Harley-Davidson motorcycle. Is it a problem?
A: No, not at all. We will be glad to meet anyone who loves motorcycling, even if you’re not an active rider! 
Q: Where and when does the event take place?
A: From Thursday, July 5th to Sunday, July 8th, 2018. The centre of the celebration will be at the Holešovice Expo Grounds in Prague, Czech Republic. Also, throughout Prague and Central Bohemia you will find number of places that will also be part of the Celebration.
Q: How can I get accommodation?
A: Go to the ACCOMODATION section of this webpage. It doesn't matter If you are riding alone, with a few friends, or plan to come with a group of 6 and more riders, we help you find accommodation options in Prague, Central Bohemia, or on the way, all around Europe!
Q: Is there going to be possibility of building up my own tent and camping?
A: Yes, there will be a campsite close to the Celebration venue.  In case you are interested in having your spot, search available options in CAMP section.

Q: Is there going to be a bike parade?
A: Yes, definitely. The exact date and details will be announced at a later date and the number of bikes will be limited due to security reasons. The draw of spots in the parade will only be available to those who purchase a Rally Pack, so it is a good idea to purchase your Rally Pack in time. These will not be available on-site!
Q: Where can I buy Rally Packs or Tickets?
A: Go to the TICKETS section on this webpage. That is where you choose Tickets and Rally Packs for you and also for your friends, group or chapter. At your purchase, you will receive an unique QR code, which you will later use for identification when picking up your items at the main celebration venue, Holešovice Expo Grounds in Prague, Czech republic, between July 5 and July 8. 2018. Rally Packs and Tickets are available for early bird price right now! For details regarding ordering, payments, shipping and more click HERE
Q: How many people and motorcycles are going to be there?
A: Approximately 100,000 people and 60,000 motorcycles were gathered at the 110th Anniversary in Rome and we expect the same or higher attendance for the event in Prague.
Q: How is it going to work with motorcycle parking?
A: A number of bikes can be parked at the main venue and we are also preparing secure parking within a reasonable distance outside the venue (max. 10min walk or by public transport).
Q: Can I come with kids?
A: Yes, of course, especially during the morning and afternoon. Kids up to 15 years of age have free entry. Our Family Zone will entertain your children even if the bikes, expos and stunt shows aren't enough.
Q: I would like to have a vending stand at the celebration. Is it possible?
A: Please go to CONTACTS section on this webpage and send us a message through VENDORS. We will specify available possibilities and conditions of cooperation.
Q: Is the event going to be safe?
A: We closely cooperate with law enforcement and emergency services like the police and firefighters. There will be a first aid center at the main venue, with ambulatory services available and with connection to the local hospital if needed.
Q: I have not found an answer for what I need to know, what should I do?
A: Please go to CONTACTS and send your question. We will do our best to help.

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