A region where splendid castles and chateaux await you, the valleys of several rivers, mining museums, silver mines and enchanting countryside! Even the furthest corners of Central Bohemia are a mere hour’s journey from Prague. 

Karlštejn Castle


The Holy Roman Emperor and King of Bohemia, Charles IV, established this castle in the 14th century. The castle’s main function was the protection of royal treasures, including the royal jewels. Visit the place where fairytales meet national history.

Konopiště Chateau


This chateau was very popular with Franz Ferdinand, successor to the Austro-Hungarian throne. The location was a favourite for recreational visits by nobility throughout the 19th and 20th centuries. In addition, there is a motorcycle museum dedicated to the Czech motorbike brand JAWA.

Lešany Military Institute

An exhibition of more than 700 historical tanks, cannons, motorcycles, armoured vehicles, freight and passenger vehicles and rocket technology from 1890 to the present day. If you’re a history buff, then this is the place to learn about the military history of the Czech Republic.

Kutná Hora

Kutna Hora is a unique city with a unique history. The city was the strategic centre of the region due to its silver mines. You’ll find striking architecture, such as the majestic St. Barbara’s Cathedral and the macabre Sedlec Ossuary – known colloquially as the ‘Bone Church’ – which is a favourite attraction for international visitors. It has also been preserved as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Drábské světničky

These ruins of a 13th-century rock castle are breathtaking and fascinating – the builders used their skills to forge a unique fortress built into the natural rock formations. This attraction is a special piece of Czech natural beauty that offers a great opportunity to visit the picturesque countryside, just an hour’s ride from Prague.

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